Web Design and the Importance of Social Media Marketing

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Web Design and Social Media Marketing

Designing a website is no longer the preserve of professionals. It is within reach of anybody with a few technical skills. However, there is something to be said about hiring a designer, and that is the benefit of networking with others in the same industry.

Maintaining a Website and Understanding the Metrics

Building a website is only the first step, and it will require ongoing maintenance and ideally, if blog-based, a minimum of two to three new articles every week. Creating a network of experts who can be called upon to help with these tasks will relieve any stress that arises from such a heavy workload. And if website owners are unfamiliar with the complexities of Google Analytics and don't understand the metrics, it can be very challenging to succeed without help.

Social Media Implementation

Having a social media presence is a sure-fire method of building up a network and is invaluable when it comes to marketing. For those who are new to the subject, it is best to focus on only one social media platform to really get a complete understanding of how it works. Writing for social media posts requires a different set of skills to creating blog posts, and each platform is unique.

Web design, networking, and social media implementation are all intertwined, and each aspect needs to be fully understood to attract customers, drive traffic and ensure success, particularly with e-commerce sites.